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The Icefields Parkway : Lake Louise To Bow Summit

The Icefields Parkway : Lake Louise To Bow Summit
Released October 2 2018
Professionally Printed 8.5″ by 5.5″ Softcovered Book

Covers: Hector South Ridge, Hector South Peak, Mount Hector Roadside, Hector Pass, Noseeum Creek, Mosquito Creek, Helen Creek, Helen Shoulder, Crystal Ridge Roadside, Crystal Ridge Backside, Cirque Forepeak, Observation Sub Peak, Observation Peak, Waputik Peak, The Pulpit Knobs, Bow Peak Roadside, Crowfoot Pass, Bow Lakeside, Ferris Glacier, Wapta Icefield, Mount Jimmy Jr, Bow Summit and several Day Traverses.

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  1. Bruce Hendricks January 8, 2020

    Are the guidebooks available locally (Calgary area) at outdoor retailers? If so, which shops?

    • Marcus Baranow January 25, 2020 — Post author

      In Calgary you should find them at Ski West, Splitboard HQ and Banded Peak Brewing.

  2. Gaven T. March 29, 2021

    I find the KMZ file you have available for your Citadel To Egypt Lake – Banff Backcountry Skiing book very useful for trip planning and pre-assessment. Do you have something similar available for this book?

    • Marcus Baranow April 3, 2021 — Post author

      Currently I do not and I have been slowly building one but right now I’ve become busy writing my next book. Next year I should have both a separate printed map and a kml covering all my book areas.

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