Went for a quick solo afternoon lap at Bow Summit to check out how the snow was doing. I got skinning around noon and was on the south shoulder by 1pm-ish. Skied the north aspect and found a thin breakable wind slab over the old surface facets – not the most fun to ski. The lower rolling slopes below skied well and most snow along the summer trail provided limited but fun turns.

Another solo skier heading up the main bowl

The wind and sun are both having their way with the snowpack but under the top few cms it seemed to still be dry where I went. I’m sure this will change as the temps go up. The wind was steady but not very strong, this evening in Lake Louise it has picked up so I would guess the same up the 93N. Overall the skiing seems to have gone from really super fun to a more traditional early season Rockies style. I probably would have found better turns on solar aspects but I was solo on a warm clear day so decided to hedge my bets a little. Got passed by a half dozen skiers/snowboarders heading down on my way up, probably a good call to be in and out early these days, (I had to work the morning otherwise would have been there myself probably).

Looking thin on the west aspects to the north

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