Skied the roadside area of Observation Peak (border rolling ribs between Main and Sub Peak) with Kieran Crimeen, Jane O’Hara, Brent Flavien Saulnier and Joël Desgreniers.

Kieran getting some turns

Lots of people out and about today, looks like people had a great time at the Puzzle Peak Ramp!

Parked roadside just north of the Bow Summit turn off and skinned up shallow but mostly supportive snow to treeline. Travel above treeline is good and if you are careful the downhill skiing is very good too. We went to about 2450m today, above that there seemed to be a little more wind effect so we skied down to treeline for three laps. The exit was a bit more sporty but again the ground crust in the forest was a day saver.

Joël finding some pow

Jane once skinned up Bow Summit with resort bindings, this looks more fun

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