Skied a run from the looker’s left summit ridge of Cirque Forepeak today with Kieran Crimeen, Trevor Dingman and Rhea Walle.

We parked across from Jimmy Jr Bowl and followed our skin track from a few days ago up to mid-treeline. From there the snow support lacked a bit until reaching the alpine. Travel up to just below the summit was pretty easy and was a mix of wind slab and facet layers for the most part. The skiing was better than expected, if you were lucky you could find just enough loose snow over the supportive thin wind slab to get turns in. The mid-treeline area on the way down was a bit of a challenge as it has low snow over rocks and in xmas trees. Once in the forest skiing became a little easier but still plenty of places where you would make a turn down to ground.

Shallow tree wells can be tricky too!

Saw a ton of people heading out along the road and a few parties out on Cirque Forepeak including one person who forgot to test his new boots with an old setup (I hope the pin binding tele turns worked out in that low snow!).

Bow Lake is starting to freeze over

Coverage in the alpine is actually pretty good and the thin dense wind slab helps you from nailing every rock but the snow quality isn’t as good as other places I’ve skied recently. One thing in common with most places I’ve skied this week is that the least supportive snow is found at mid-treeline, there doesn’t seem to be a ground crust here and is basically 20-30cm of fluff on rough.

Variable turns but still a good time!

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