Anna Elkins and I went for a tour up to Sherbrooke Lake today to check on snow levels for the area.

This is great option to get the legs moving if you haven’t been out yet and don’t care if you get to make turns.

Still not enough snow in Paget Glades for skiing

The first thing we noticed was that the wildlife fence has reached this area and requires you to travel through a gate for access, (check picture below for a visual). The skin track is well packed down thanks to hikers and at least one skiing group before us. There was about 20cm of snow in the forest at the start of the trail and by the time you get to Paget Glades/Sherbrooke Lake there was an average of 35-40cm in most places. The snow is mostly powder to ground but also has low ski pen, still not enough support for downhill skiing but with another few big snowfalls we’ll probably be good. The lake looked frozen but we didn’t test it. I’d bet you can now access and exit the Waputik Icefield from here without too much trouble.

The wildlife fence has reached the trailhead, don’t forget when you’re skiing back down the trail!

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