Headed up to Puzzle Peak Ramp today with Mike Brown, David Aschim and Veronica Jarlehag where we found some great snow and weather.

Beautiful day!

Followed the ski hill style packed out access to trimline and took the direct creek skin track which was in good shape and put in nicely. Did two laps in the main area of the face. First run was a bit skier’s right and you couldn’t feel any of the old tracks. Second run we went more fall line and you could feel the tracks under the new snow, at high speed it was a bit of a hold on situation when hitting a hard track but at slower speeds I’m sure it would be less of an issue. We decided to call it a day and skied out the way we came.

Beautiful turns!

Clear skies in the morning with growing cloud cover by afternoon. Some light wind at ridge top but overall another windless day. Surface snow was mostly unbroken stellers so doubt there has been much wind in the area lately. Lots of people in the area but still plenty of room in this area for more tracks, get at it!

And lots of people enjoying both!

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