Skied some fantastic snow on Dolomite Shoulder today with Jason, James MacNeil-Mah, Rob Mazc and Bronwyn Fullagar.

Skiing pow and avoiding rockslides

Skinned up to treeline where we started to get good views of the rock slide on Puzzle Peak Ramp, this sight is wild. The upper rock wall is probably around 20-30m (my best guess when comparing the other area features). This wall is coming off, no doubt about that so even when the ground gets snow it’s probably a super good idea not to go here for the rest of the season probably.

Jason catching some air

Once on the ridge we skinned to just below the steeper highpoint and skied shallow powder over a firm base in the low angle area before switching over to the lower southeast aspect bowl. The bowl had deep creamy powder, really great conditions in there currently. We did one more lap of the lower bowl, skinned back up 75-100m on the ridge and then skied out to the open pillow field zone at treeline. The pillow field skied OK but you’ll still hit rocks if skiing aggressively. The ski out is getting better every time I head out on it, only the very last section will you hit stuff now and if you stay on the uptrack that isn’t even an issue at this point.

Party ski!

Beautiful day out there, sunny with some clouds and basically no wind (light breeze here and there). A bit cooler out today but still only in the -5C to -10C range. Snow in the area is really great, the ridge top is obviously wind pressed/featured but the micro fetch zones and lee bowls are prefect.

The weasel! My favorite pictures of the season!

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