I spent the last two days (Dec 14 & 15) in the Paget Glades area skiing laps between 1800m and 2000m with Anna Elkins (14th) and Heather Burbidge (15th).

During that short time I have noticed the recent storm snow develop from fairly loose powder snow to a much firmer state and a slab in areas with more wind by the end of the second day. On the first day we got some light shooting but broken cracks on surface snow while skinning and skiing. Today I was able to (purposely) ski cut two small size 1 slabs on isolated convex rolls. The first ran a very short distance into a tree well and stopped, the second ran about 10m while breaking up as it hit trees. Both were about 30cm crowns and 1-2m wide. Another group of 4 were in the area and noted similar conditions.

A skiers makes a turn above us in Paget Glades

Outside of the slab problem the Paget Glades area is skiing well for the snow depths found, which average around 60cm but ranges from 20cm (under larger trees) to 110cm (open areas). As the snow firmed up the ski pen went down, yesterday my 122 underfoots still went fairly deep into the loose unsupported powder snow, today I was easily floating on top. By tomorrow most ski widths should be able to float fairly easily but not sure I would be going into any of the steeper upper areas with the way the snow is progressing.

I would also like to note that while doing my second ski cut I was unaware the other group was below me in the trees. Before I started I noticed them skinning a safe distance away, travelling away from the area I was in but after coming down the short slope 5 minutes later I found them below the roll I had cut. Although the volume was small and there were plenty of trees between them and the slide, it was still a mistake. It should be something we all think about before doing a ski cut, even small ones. After this our groups talked about where we would each be skiing in order to not be on top of each other and that worked out well.

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