Skied in the Hector South Ridge zone today with Vince Goyette, Michelle Brazier and Denny Neufeld.

The team heading up!

We skinned up to the high alpine ridge and skied back down to the road. Alpine was all sorts of messed up wind blasted, moisture sucked out, surface facet fest nonsense. Once at high treeline/low alpine the snow got very good for skiing, dry surface facets with no crust if you stayed away from more direct solar terrain/features. It’s now possible to get “turns” in all the way back to the road if you don’t mind a little tree bashing and you aren’t too tall.

Denny enjoying the crud

Sunny day with some random clouds hanging here and there over the valleys/icefields. Cold winds picked up at ridge top around noon. There are some other tracks in the area but still plenty of room for more. Stick to the sheltered areas and don’t bother going higher than 2500m unless you like your snow textured.

Michelle shred’n the crust

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