Skied the looker’s left avalanche path of Hector South Peak’s South Shoulder with Anna Elkins and Sonia Foucault today from 2400m.

Skinning up the lower runout

Skinned up the left side of the drainage until reaching where all the runouts meet. We climbed up the tree rib until 2400m where we switched over on a nice low alpine bench. Skied into the lower bowl feature on the planner slope and down the runout. Creamy soft snow all the way to where the runout meets the forest, (2000m). We followed the drainage until running into open water at around 1900m where we went to the skier’s left of it until hitting the road.

Amazing views of the Pulpit Knobs

Beautiful day out there, sunny with only hints of wind as we entered the alpine. -1C when we got back to the road around 1pm, likely just a little cooler up high during the morning. No other tracks and a lot of nice looking snow in the area.

Sonia getting some turns

Anna finishing off a good day’s work

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