Did a little solo walkabout today up behind the Great Divide Lodge. Originally I had planned to do some tree skiing but after arriving at the ridge leading to the Upper Bosworth Weather Station I decided to keep going up before I finally skied the west aspect and into Trucker’s Drainage.

The ridge had good but cold/windy travel today and when I got to the larger cliff at 2500m I decided I had enough and started down. The slope had wind affected snow and was sitting over the old icy surface layer. It felt a little “spooky” but the extreme cold weather has seemed to help it from sliding on this layer. As I finished off my alpine turns I headed for Trucker’s Drainage and skied it all the way to the wildlife fence in a single shot. I had to ski out of the drainage a few times to avoid the last remaining dead fall problems but the line is skiing better than the last time I went down it.

A few other cars in the parking lot but looks like everyone headed over to Paget Glades/Ogden area. Most of the tree skiing behind the lodge is looking good, almost no tracks in the greater area.

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