Skied a single lap in the Chain Up Trees and into Trucker’s Drainage with Anna, Sonia and Vince behind the Great Divide Lodge today.

The top of the run!

We followed my previous skin track to the start of Weather Station Ridge and skied down to the large forest cliff where we found some steep and nicely spaced out Rockies tree skiing. There was little bits of sun crust on the surface but it wasn’t too bad. Once in the drainage it got a little tricky with 4 people and my previous tracks were now frozen in place. We exited the drainage with about 100m left to the wildlife fence and found some good low angle glade like skiing to finish the run. Once at the fence we skinned back to the parking lot.

Jumping cliffs into Trucker’s Drainage

Very cold to start but the sun gets to this area early on in the day so was doable with enough jackets on. At the top of our run (2200m) it was sunny and warm with no wind. It got cooler below 1900m and cold at the parking lot.

Hiding in the bushes

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