Headed out early this morning with Anna and Josee to do the Dolomite Circuit. We ended up doing a highline through the Dolomite Glacier area instead of taking the regular lowline route.

Always nice to be out of the trees

After parking the second car we bumped up to Helen Creek and started the march. The sun was just coming up but the day was already much warmer than any time in the last couple of weeks. As the clouds started to break up we knew it was a good day to take on such a trip.

Dropping a knee for Dolomite

Once out of the trees we gained the ridge above Lake Katherine to get a few turns in. Near the top there was some random wind slab hanging around but as you got closer to the lake the snow got better. We kept climber’s right near the boulders and continued to gain the north shoulder. The stability was good and there was no wind, we decided to highline through the glacier/moraine area.

Love the boulders in this area

We went high along the northern shoulder until we skied down a short distance over some lateral moraines. We skinned back up and worked the funky moraines until reaching another decision point. Up or down at a set of rocky cliffs. We could see the pass across from us and decided to head down. After going through a section of steep lee slopes between cliffs we found ourselves just under the pass and we ripped skins and skied down.

Working the moraines below the glacier

After a short break below the Puzzle Peak Ramp run we headed down the access route for Dolomite Shoulder and back to our car. So nice to again be skiing in warmer temps!

Dolomite Glacier

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