A week prior Brandon messaged me looking to get some turns and I had just the adventure to fit the bill. I had been watching the snow levels above Bow Lake for a couple of weeks and I wanted to try canoeing across to ski up in the small glacier bowl looker’s right of Crowfoot Couloir. Although the glacier isn’t large there are holes and we weren’t 100% sure on snow coverage.

Early on the 22nd we drove up to the lake, put together my origami canoe and set off across Bow Lake. The lake was calm and the sunrise was colorful, a good start to the day. We arrived at the shore and switched over to ski gear as the snow level was fairly close. After a short walk up the mountainside we started to skin up and onto the pocket glacier.

The glacier had 250cm of snow on it where I probed and no visible sagging or holes but it was still nice to have rescue gear in case of weak bridging. The sun was out in full force but we found good supportive snow the whole way down, except the last 50 meters or so as it was lumpy avalanche debris. We walked back to the canoe to find slightly choppy waters and a lot of bugs. A fun half day of mixing a couple of sports and some early summer turns on corn.

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