Last season I was sent a couple of pairs of WNDR skis from Pep Fujas to check out. I previously did a review for the Vital 100, and I figured with all the powder we’ve been getting this season, it was time for me to cover the Intention 110. For the 110, I went with a reverse camber at 185cm, and I mounted a pair of Plum Guide 12s at the recommended boot center. I also set them up so I could use all four of my current boots (from lightweight skimo to heavy 120 resort boots).

Powder Machines

I wanted to get a pair of these, in reverse camber, for skiing deep backcountry powder, and I was not disappointed with their performance in those conditions. Not only does the Intention float effortlessly, but it makes more advanced buttering moves in deep powder more attainable. Skiing very fast in powder while still being able to quickly change direction or kill speed completely seemed natural while skiing these, and when asked, I often state that the Intention 110 is my all-time favourite powder ski. This is no small statement.

Pick Your Camber

As with all WNDR skis, you can pick the geometry for the ski you are ordering, so you could order the Intention in traditional camber. I went with the reverse because once I get above the 105 underfoot territory, I’m looking to use the ski mostly in powder conditions, and reverse camber is generally more fun in powder.

Enjoying some pow on my Intention 110s. Photo by Anna Elkins


It’s no secret that WNDR is heavier than what most people consider for backcountry use, but the weight has an upside on the way down. The weight can help pull you through when you run into less-than-ideal conditions. You can easily offset this increased weight with a lightweight binding and boot combo. I used the Scarpa F1 LT boot for several days, and it worked great.

Smooth and Powerful

The balance between being damp and holding power in the WNDR line has impressed me. I took the Intention out in some reasonably choppy conditions a few weeks ago at Revy, and I found it handled rough chop like it wasn’t even there. It performed beautifully when it came time to release some built-up energy to get air on a roller. Rarely have I skied something that found such a balance between losing energy when needed and having it there waiting for you when you want to release it (the last ski that did this was also a WNDR ski). Last season I used the Intention on a 1200m line on the 93s, conditions were excellent, and the ski was a blast to use in the rolling terrain. At one section, I came up over a roll at speed to find an isolated bump I was not expecting, and I could quickly slow down without feeling like I was losing control. In the end, I smeared over the bump and bounced down into the next slope- these skis made me feel like a pro in the movies.

Tree Skiing

We have real tree skiing in the Canadian Rockies—none of this glades nonsense. So when I get a ski that’s a bit longer than my regular length, I worry a little. The Intention does well in tight trees if you learn to smear speed off, and these kinds of manoeuvres come naturally with this ski, and the reverse chamber also helps.

Algae, B Corp and Environment

By now, most people have heard about WNDR and their skis made out of Algae. I don’t know enough about algae to comment on it, but I’m happy to use a ski that isn’t made from petroleum. It’s great to see companies stepping up in the environmental department. WNDR is also a certified B Corp, holding them to the highest social, environmental, and corporate governance standards. Outside of these big moves, WNDR also does every little thing right- I’ve been impressed by them on every step, from their packaging to the reuse of the materials (they make ski displays out of scrap skis!).

Your Next Powder Ski?

For me, the Intention 110 is the ultimate pow ski. I love them. They are a blast in deep powder, and when conditions aren’t as good as you were hoping, they’ll eat up the chop and have you smiling ear to ear regardless. If you don’t mind a little extra weight for increased performance on the way down, I recommend checking out the Intention 110.

For more information about WNDR check out their website at:

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