One day last spring, I got a message from one of my IG followers asking if I’d like to try an “anti-fog” face mask that his company makes. Being a huge fan of using face masks and knowing they all lead to goggle fog, I figured I’d try the product and show how it doesn’t stop goggles from fogging – but boy, I was wrong. I soon realized this product was legit and a game-changer for keeping warm, both on the up and the down, while skiing (oh and at work, snow blowing, shovelling- I’m seriously wearing this thing everywhere now). Full disclosure: I did not pay for any of the masks I have from North45, and after testing the product, I agreed to sign on to represent their product line.

The Fog Problem

If you’ve ever worn a face mask or tube while skiing, you probably know about goggle fog. The warm air you breathe hits the fabric and somehow ends up on or in your goggles, which ends up with you trying to deal with the fact that you can no longer see while skiing down a mountain. It’s not an ideal situation. While some other products try to deal with this problem, all seem to create additional problems. For example, some tubes have mouth holes, but cold air funnels directly into my mouth. The North45 line of products fixes the problem of goggle fog and does so without compromising warmth or limiting breathing.

The Idea

The idea behind the North45 line of masks is to move the warm air you breathe down and away from your goggles. They do this by using two separate products and combining/stitching them together. First, you put on an open-face balaclava, then drop the face mask portion down and over your nose. Place your goggles while sealing away all exposed skin, and you’re good to go. When you breathe, the hot air goes down and out. It couldn’t be much simpler, and honestly, every time I use it, I have a “why didn’t I think of this” moment.

Staying warm in extreme winds on the Wapta Icefield

The Mask

I often call everything in the North45 line “a mask”, but it’s a bit of a downgrade to what you get. It’s actually two products in one – a full head covering plus a face mask. The material is 100% merino wool at 240 gsm, and the fabric is double layered in the face mask section. Merino wool has a lot of benefits over other fabrics. The first and foremost for me is that it’s a natural fibre, whereas anything with poly in the name is basically just plastic. Merino is also temperature regulating, anti-bacterial/anti-microbial, odour resistant, stays warm when wet and wicks moisture. The construction is solid, and I’ve had no issues with stitching coming apart or tearing the fabric while skiing tight trees. It’s a solid product that is made with premium fabrics.

Fog Testing

When I first got this, I honestly thought I’d get this thing to create goggle fog. I’ve been skiing with masks, tubes, etc., all my life and I’ve never found something that didn’t generate fog or had some drawback when not doing so. I wore it while skinning uphill on my first unsuccessful attempt to disprove it. Outside of being in crazy storms, I rarely wear anything on my face for skinning. The day wasn’t all that cold either, so I thought, “for sure, this will create goggle fog”, but I had zero fogging from climbing 600m of vertical. I switched to downhill mode and again at the bottom of the run, and I had no fog. I was shocked by this but ecstatic – could this be the last face mask I ever need? I did more testing, including at resorts, cross-country skiing (well, Anna did that test) and even while snow blowing. The result was the same, no fog, warm face, easy breathing – this is the real deal.


The SureFit model comes in at $70, and some have suggested that it is expensive. If you compare this to a simple, thin polyester neck/face tube, then sure, it’s about double. When comparing it to other merino brands, it’s less than double. But remember, the North45 mask isn’t any of those things; it’s all of them, created in a way that stops goggle fog while still giving you full coverage to keep you warm and made from thick, super-fine merino wool. I feel like once you realize how well it works, the price wouldn’t even matter – for me, no goggle fog and full-face coverage is worth more than its weight in gold.

SureFit Vs. Other North45 Products

North45 has several different products that seem to be the same at first glance. The difference between the SureFit and the others is that the SureFit has a nose-fitting piece that keeps the mask in place. The other models rely on a magnet that links to your goggles. Although I’ve now tested the other products, I’m sticking with the SureFit because it allows me to use it with goggles, sunglasses or no eyewear. If you were looking to use these masks only at the resort, then the magnet versions would be the way to go for ease of use.

No Fog, Full Coverage

Last week I was standing in a lift line at Revy, looking at everyone with their goggles on their head or their noses exposed to the cold, and I thought how crazy it seemed that everyone wasn’t using a North45 mask. From the first chair to the last, I didn’t lift my goggles, had no fog, and kept warm all day. For me, this is a game-changing product that has replaced all the other tubes and masks I used to have in my pack and closest. The North45 SureFit Balaclava is the last mask I will ever need.

You can check out more info and order directly from North45 using the following link:

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