Confessions Of A Ski Bum

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Collier North Glacier

Popes Peak, North Glacier

Niblock Solo

Plum Oazo Binding

Mount Aberdeen

Cathedral Mountain

Pope’s Col

Sherbrooke Lake Avalanche Paths

Paget Runout

Ogden Wall

Dolomite Circuit Highline

Phantom Couloir

Chain Up Trees

Weather Station Peak

Weather Station Ridge

Fischer Travers Carbon Ski Boot

Use Pressurized Fuel In The Cold

Paget Peak

Bosworth Border Bowl & Drainage

Lake Louise to Johnston Canyon

Dolomite Shoulder

Massive Mountain

Hector South Peak, South Shoulder Looker’s Left Path

Hector South Ridge

Sunshine Sidecountry Loop

Egypt Lake

Hidden Lake Camping

Talus Lodge

93N New Years Eve/Day

Lynx And Hare

Ski Mountaineer Caroline Gleich Is Open About, Well, Everything

Paget Glades

Paget Glades

Hector South Ridge Avalanches

Dolomite Shoulder Skills Day

Fatigue Mountain

Observation Sub Peak

Dolomite Flu Recovery Forest Lap

Observation Sub Peak

Lake Louise Sidecountry

Dolomite Avalanche

Observation Sub Peak South Ridge/Face

Dolomite Shoulder

Creating ‘The Map’ For The New “Confessions of a Ski Bum” Was A 400+ Hour Labor Of Love

Crowfoot Glades

Puzzle Peak Ramp

‘The Map’ Short Film

Hector South Ridge

Copper Mountain

Copper Bowl

Panorama Ridge


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